Walk with me

During the summer of 2017 I was walking from the southern lighthouse of Öland to the northern lighthouse. This was a trip of 170 kilometers with the goal of not walking with the goal in mind.


I wanted to do it as an experiment. There are so many natural processes in our bodies that we do not care for or give the attention to. Like, what about the step? Ask yourself: How often do I put attention to how the Achilles tendon feels like when walking? Or if the calf muscle is tense? If my ankle is rigid in the way I walk, or loose? Most people wouldn’t be able to answer those questions as their minds are preoccupied with repeating thoughts about where they are going… or something else that is completely irrelevant.

During my 170 kilometers I wore lightweight sandals with only a thin soul between me and the earth. I also carried only the essentials in my backpack: the lightest of equipment so that I would not have to worry about any unnecessary burdens.

What did I discover?

Well, by putting more attention towards the present moment while walking I realized that the body doesn’t really know how to walk. I understood that the stress of my life, all the thoughts about irrelevant objects around me, had programmed my body into misalignment. As the thoughts were still quite present during the first days of the walk my body was feeling quite terrible. But as I walked with intense determination and focus on the present moment: the constitution of the body started to change.

The pain in different parts of the body got less after a while. And then waves of healing started to arise. This is the best way of explaining that experience. The body wanted my attention so much. And when it got it it started to readjust by itself. I felt it as waves of healing.

I will continue the walk. Will you join me?